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Palin’s resignation doesn’t change many Republicans’ minds

palin-clapEven after Sarah Palin dropped the bombshell last week that not only would she not be seeking re-election, but that she is resigning her Governor’s seat with more than a year left in her term, CNN is reporting that 70 percent of Rebuplicans would still consider voting for her if she ran for President in 2012.  Unsurprisingly, these numbers drop off dramatically among Democrats and Independents, with 17 and 34 percent, respectively.

Personally, this comes to me as quite a shock.  Even among Republicans, I would expect them to be able to see through Sarah Palin’s thin veneer of good looks and small town charm, and see her for who she truly is – a whiny, plotting, cut-throat politician who will do anything and everything to advance her own career.  We witnessed this first-hand here in Alaska while she was campaining with John McCain last fall, as she literally and figuratively threw Alaska under the bus in her attempt to secure a spot in the White House.


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