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Was Sarah Palin’s resignation all about the Benjamins?

all about the BenjaminsIt is being widely reported that Levi Johnston claims Sarah Palin’s sudden resignation last week had largely to do with money.

Johnston said that Palin “had talked about how nice it would be to take some of this money people have been offering us and just run with it, and saying forget everything else.”

It actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it.  We already know that Palin has a book deal in the works, which she has been reluctant to discuss.  We can only imagine what other offers have been coming her way since her unsuccessful Vice Presidential bid with John McCain last fall – speaking engagements, TV appearances, even a FOX News correspondent, perhaps?

Once she’s officially handed the Governor’s reigns over to Sean Parnell, she’ll be a private citizen again, free to accept as many of these (likely lucrative) offers as she likes, without the need to disclose a bit of it.

Not to say that this is a valid reason for her to leave the Governor’s office so suddenly; rather, it just further illustrates her willingness to put her own political and personal agenda ahead of everything else – including the state that she claims to love SOOOO much.


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Sarah Palin is one of only 3 Governors to resign mid-term since 1900

Over at The Mudflats, akmuckraker posted an interesting tidbit that one of her dedicated readers researched – Sarah Palin is one of only 3 U.S. Governors to resign mid-term since 1900.

The other 2? Jim McGreevy and Eliot Spitzer.  For those keeping score at home, Jim McGreevy was the Governor of New Jersey from 2002-2004 before he resigned after having a homosexual affair with the man he had appointed homeland security adviser. Eliot Spitzer served as Governor of New York for just over a year before resigning in 2008 in the wake of his involvement in a high-priced prostitution ring.

Looks to me like Sarah Palin is in good company.

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Poll: Does Sarah Palin’s resignation hurt her chances in 2012?

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